Dom Hyams

Global Client Director, Purple Goat Agency

Dom Hyams is the Global Client Director at Purple Goat Agency, and consults and educates internationally on a range of topics including diversity, inclusion and accessibility. Dom joined the Purple Goat agency team in February 2021 - the world's first and only social-first inclusive marketing agency, looking to create the most progressive, representative and authentic marketing campaigns in the world by integrating disability know-how and lived-experience in all aspects of campaign development and execution.

Dom previously worked in TV, as a producer at the sports TV production company Sunset+Vine, working across output including the landmark Paralympic coverage in 2012 and 2016. He has since worked in various digital media, marketing and communications roles, which led him to Purple Goat. He is also the founding editor of the Disability Power100 - Power List of Disability, which looks to showcase the most influential disabled change-makers in society.

As someone who is extremely comfortable talking about all aspects of inclusion in an open and candid way, he passionately looks to demonstrate that thinking inclusively can offer incredible opportunities for creative and exciting work, breaking down misconceptions around disability and progressive representation, whilst creating meaningful dialogue to build 'disability confidence' in those he works with.