Gabriella Neudecker

Customer and Marketing Director, EasyJet

I started in ad agencies in the good old days of the early 2000s launching Talk Talk, Three and Tesco Bank and learning the basics of direct marketing. I decided I wanted to have a greater ownership of business results and not be on the receiving end of endless client requests so I went in-house for companies such as Citigroup, Post Office, Eurostar, Experian, TfL before finding my cultural and spiritual home at easyJet. 

I’ve been there 2 years, starting initially as a part time consultant (I loved it so much I decided to stay  go full time in week 1)

I’ve been a south London girl for the last 20 years (via a Welsh and Dorset heritage) with some extra European flavours thrown in along the way with some living, studying and working stints in Italy, France and Germany and Australia.