Jesh Sukhwani

Global Media Center of Excellence - Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Lenovo

Rajesh (Jesh) Sukhwani is the driving force behind Lenovo’s Innovation & Partnerships initiatives as the Director of the Global Media Strategy Center of Excellence. With a focus on cultivating strategic alliances and fostering innovation, Jesh is instrumental in orchestrating the delivery of in-housing media and tech partnerships. A true change agent, he is dedicated to accelerating Lenovo’s digital-first marketing strategies and future-proofing the business through innovative partnerships. Before joining Lenovo, Jesh was a founding member and Managing Director in China for Xaxis, GroupM’s data-driven media arm. His expertise extends to leading GroupM’s programmatic sell-side supply strategy and establishing the international publisher and audience data business at, a predictive behavioral targeting start-up from Berlin.

His commitment to driving innovation and establishing strategic partnerships positions him as a key player in Lenovo’s forward-looking approach to marketing and global engagement. Based in Milan, Jesh’s international outlook is in his ability to speak five languages and his professional experience spanning six countries.