Olivier Gauthier

Founder, COMvergence

Olivier Gautier has spent over 25 years building enduring and trusted relationships with the global and regional leaders of the big six communication holding companies, as well as with global media/procurement directors from nearly all the Top 200 leading international advertisers. He’s experienced at tracking and analyzing key business segments (creative, digital, data & technology and media) of the international marketing services groups, qualitative market research, identifying trends and insights. In 2016, after serving as partner and global head of research and advertiser relations at RECMA for 14 years, Olivier founded COMvergence, one of the most trusted and independent research and data consultancies, producing benchmark studies on new business performances and strategic developments of creative, media and digital agencies and their respective holding companies. COMvergence is uniquely positioned to deliver a deep understanding of the advertising industry overall, including estimates and analysis on media spend data.