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DAY 1 - 17TH MAY


Registration and refreshments


Welcome from Campaign and Chairs’ opening remarks

Keeping your consumers in an economic downturn


It’s Never About the Turkey: how Asda stayed true to itself to cheer up the nation and bounce back its brand

Havas’ Vicki Maguire (Chief Creative Officer) and Britt Iversen (Head of Strategy) – a rare all-female cross-discipline creative partnership – kick off Media360 with a sprinkle of creative stardust as they dive into the ‘why’s and ‘how’s of creating Asda’s blockbuster ‘Buddy the Elf’ Christmas Campaign.

This session will explore how the brand harnessed the power of creativity – and held its nerve – to put a smile on the face of the nation in the darkest of times, stealing hearts (and share of wallet) and ‘winning Christmas’ in the process –

In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, why the brand decided to eschew rational messaging (not to mention IPA guidance) and set out to unashamedly entertain in the face of adversity.The inside story behind how the agency – faced with an infamously reluctant rightsholder and iconic but previously ‘off-limits’ IP – pulled off the impossible.

The role of media in elevating great creative to another level – including scattering a trail of festive breadcrumbs to tease the campaign, special builds (probably) visible from the North Pole, and bringing the story to life in-store through Asda Radio.

How the brand – outgunned on media spend (and Christmas equity) by its competitors – combined creativity, culture, and a shift in approach from ‘share-of-voice’ to ‘share-of-heart’ to win Christmas and be crowned the year’s most effective ad of all.


Panel discussion: Balancing brand vs performance in the cost of living context – drilling into the data for actionable insights

  • What does a turbulent economy mean for marketing and advertising budgets?
  • Balancing data-driven, targeted marketing with brand-building, culture-first content: how will the potential recession impact priorities?
  • Understanding your consumers as the first step to staying relevant


News and online audience measurement – allies in the trust business

Ros Atkins is the BBC journalist who has found fame with what The Sunday Times dubbed “assertive impartiality”. His sharp viral “explainer” videos famously crunch complex news stories into short, shareable clips. Ten years ago, that thinking felt rather unnecessary but the internet has transformed the way people consume news, so publishers and brands are increasingly open to new ways to reach audiences across multiple devices.

This session will bring to life Ros’ experience of what digital content cuts through (and what doesn’t) and how his team tailor output for different platforms. It is presented by UKOM, which endorses Ipsos iris, the industry standard for UK online audience measurement.


TV is changing fast: how AVOD and FAST are taking over the connected TV space

The TV space as we know it is changing. The rise of AVOD and FAST, underpinned by the recent cost of living crisis, means that marketers now have a huge opportunity to reach their audiences more effectively than ever before. Let’s talk about how you can leverage the power of Connected TV via AVOD, FAST, and YouTube in a way that resonates with your audience in 2023 and beyond.


Networking break

Protecting your brand position


20th ANNIVERSARY INSIDE SECRETS SESSION: Looking to the future with today’s leading brands – what does innovation at the top look like?

Looking at a list of today’s top brands, many have topped the list for over a decade. But how did they get there in the first place, and how are they innovating to secure future success? In this session expect exclusive insights into:

  • How have they utilised the power of marketing and advertising to become a top brand?
  • How are they planning to innovate and elevate their marketing and advertising to become a brand of the future?
  • What are their priorities for growth in 2023?


Panel discussion: Cross media measurement and innovation in broadcasting: what are the updates?

  • As budgets come under tighter scrutiny, what are broadcasters doing to adapt to the current challenges?
  • Developments in cross-media measurement: how should we consider quality?
  • An update on CFlight and Origin: why we need to crack measurement and transparency to future-proof the TV industry


Breakout to HUB sessions

Hub session A


Hub A1: Business of advertising Passions – identifying the key driver for consumers

Triggering high-quality attention for brands by understanding people’s passion

  • Applying new insights – using qualitative and quantitative data to better understand people’s passions and what makes them tick
  • How can brands resonate with consumers’ day-to-day behaviour and feelings?
  • A passionate affair – bringing to life how, when and where people interact with brands and content


Hub A2: Choosing channels CTV Masterclass – unlocking the power of CTV

  • What is the state of TV today
  • Why the streaming is becoming the new standard (SVOD and AVOD landscape)
  • 4 common challenges that are holding back CTV’s true potential
  • Demonstrate how you can unlock the power of CTV
  • Actionable Insights to help optimise your total TV strategy


Hub A3: Change and challenges Lazy leadership lessons to overcome the epidemic of quiet-quitting

  • As workers begin treating work in a more transactional fashion, what action should leaders take for their organisation?
  • Getting good at delegation to empower your employees
  • Why leaders should encourage work-life balance and work smarter, not harder


Networking lunch

Hub session B


Hub B1: Business of advertising Targeting new and different audiences by redefining your media and creative strategy

  • Why you shouldn’t be too singular in strategy: understanding your different audience segments and how to speak to them
  • Cultivating your creative strategy around each separate audience to encourage engagement
  • Choosing the right channel to deliver each message to each relevant audience


Hub B2: Choosing channels The Big Trust debate

The pertinent topic of trust in advertising is a debate that rumbles on… until now. Join us for an interactive session exploring the value advertisers really place on trust and how significant a factor it should be when building a media plan.

The session will feature a range of view points, with panellists from media agencies, media owners and brands, as they compete in series of challenges and questions. Featuring advertising leaders, consumer insight and interactive audience polls.

After every round of challenges and key talking points, the audience will vote and at the end, one of the panellists will be crowned the Big Trust Debate champion.

Hub B3: Change and challenges Managing MarTech: elevating your data and technology strategy in marketing

  • Lessons learned and wins to share: an insight into Boots’ MarTech journey
  • The barriers to business transformation when implementing a new technology strategy and how to overcome them
  • Why you should prioritise creating accessible MarTech data for your CRM teams


Switchover between HUBS

Hub session C


Hub C1: Business of advertising Shift Happens: why the smaller picture is big news

  • Join us for a revealing session of the Guardian’s latest research findings on how UK consumers are navigating life, fulfilment and joy in these extraordinary times. The past couple of years have brought significant changes to our daily lives and the ongoing crisis has had a profound impact on people’s emotions and behaviours.
  • The Guardian will present the findings and show how people are shifting towards a more mindful lifestyle, cherishing special moments and prioritising wellbeing in the face of rising costs and stress. Learn about the key moments for brands to engage with consumers and how you can connect with your target audience.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into the changing attitudes and choices of UK consumers and discover how brands can help them lead better lives.Shift Happens: why the smaller picture is big news


Hub C2: Choosing channels The Premium Nature of Gaming and How to Authentically Get into Gaming in 2023

  • Understanding the impact of quality gameplay experiences: what makes a game premium and how player perception intersects with a quality gameplay experience
  • How do brands better involve themselves in the gaming space whilst remaining contextually relevant?
  • Unlocking an engaged and responsive consumer channel: creating communities that will authentically engage with your brand
  • Measuring success within gaming: focusing on long-term partnerships with hardworking metrics


Hub C3: Change and challenges Diversifying media: learnings from other brands striving for disability inclusion

Panel discussion

  • Why companies that champion disability inclusion report 30% higher profit margins compared to their peers
  • How a diverse workforce helps ensure your internal inclusion strategies match your external campaign representation
  • The value in creating a workplace that everyone wants to be part of


Switchover back to plenary and networking break

Streamlining strategy and innovating in-house


Geography: the humble key to data freedom

For too long, our industry has been in the grip of data anxiety. We’ve spent well over a decade wrestling with how to deal with first party data and with the deprecation of third party cookies imminent, purchase journeys continuing to fragment and increasing privacy regulation across all markets, the challenges are only mounting.

In this session, global leaders from Wavemaker will share how they’re responding with pragmatism, not hyperbole and have built a powerful solution based on simple principles of ownership, customer centricity and predictability.

By using location as a matching key, they’re delivering data freedom for clients in a cost-effective way that allows for custom, outcome orientated solutions that are compliant, durable and actionable anywhere.


Marketing in a Downturn and how to protect brand marketing from cost-conscious CFOs

  • The political and economic outlook: where are we now?
  • Helping your Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) understand why Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are forced to look at brand marketing spend during a downturn
  • Equipping CMOs with the language and arguments to persuade CFO, CEOs, Boards, analysts and investors of the value of brand marketing through a downturn


Panel discussion: Investing in-house – developing internal capabilities and improving collaboration with agencies

  • Agencies are under more pressure than ever to deliver, but can they ever provide a 360 view? Can brands step up to plug this gap themselves?
  • The rise of ‘blended companies’ and balancing internal/external capabilities
  • Measuring the success of in-housing – finding the right metrics and considering the less tangible transformation benefits improving performance long-term


Chair’s closing remarks and end of Day 1


Drinks at i360 – Hosted by Teads (meeting point at Grand lobby)


Dinner at Grand hotel


After party at Shelter Hall – Hosted by Mail Metro Media

DAY 2 - 18TH MAY


Registration and refreshments


Chair’s opening remarks

Managing media responsibility and sustainability efforts


Accelerating growth through creativity with precision – World class brand building through smart investment behind brilliant creative

Diageo Global CMO Cristina Diezhandino, recently named World Federation of Advertisers’ Global Marketer of the Year, will sit down for a conversation with Campaign UK editor-in-chief Gideon Spanier on Diageo’s approach to marketing effectiveness.

Owner of some of the world’s most famous drinks brands, including icons such as Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Baileys and Smirnoff, Diageo has adopted a ‘more from more’ mindset that allows it to feel confident to increase investment behind its brands in order to fuel brand performance, unlock extra growth opportunities and try new ideas. Its suite of advanced analytics tools aims to deliver ‘creativity with precision’– making sure its brilliant creative is seen by the right consumers at the right time and place.

  • How Diageo optimises exceptional creative with precision marketing using tools such as Catalyst and Sensor
  • How curiosity and a possibility mindset can reveal new opportunities and drive incremental results
  • In a data-rich world, the critical role exceptional creativity continues to play in brand growth and performance


Panel discussion: Media responsibility in 2023: taking critical steps towards measuring, managing and reducing your media emissions

  • Media is about 50% of advertising’s emissions footprint: managing the societal implications of content and your role in protecting the consumer
  • Working towards Ad Net Zero and the tools available to you today to help reduce emissions
  • The ongoing importance of media through the power of content to create social, political and environmental change


Fireside chat: Creating a brighter future for our industry – forging a practical path to the inclusion of new talent

  • The value in creating a more inclusive industry from the grassroots onwards
  • What can we learn from the talent of tomorrow to embed into our practices today?
  • Walking the walk rather than talking the talk: practical tips for your hiring practices


Networking break

Trust has never been more important. We talk about it constantly. But do we really understand it? It’s often referred to as one-dimensional and without context, when in fact it is a lot more complex and nuanced.

To better understand consumer trust and why it’s so important to brands, Newsworks will present a short overview of its latest research, including findings from the IPA Databank, which reveals a growing halo of trust on brands that advertise around trusted journalism.

A panel will discuss the key findings, as well as the wider issues around trust.

Breakout to HUB sessions


Hub session D Hub D1: Choosing channels

The top 10 reasons why programmatic DOOH is the hottest channel right now – bringing science and data to the last true broadcast medium

  • Turbo-charge your DOOH strategy with programmatic technology: How outdoor is amplifying the new technology to drive business outcomes
  • DOOH as a media multiplier in the omnichannel marketing mix
  • Contextual relevance at scale: New targeting capabilities help buyers find the right audience at the right place and the right time
  • Global / regional activations: DOOH as a truly borderless channel
  • Measurement & Optimisation: DOOH is now more cost-effective than ever, as long as you can measure it


Hub D2: Pushing the practical of advertising Managing the social-media-scape in 2023: integrating social with your advertising

Panel discussion

  • What are the current challenges for brands on social media?
  • Utilising organic social alongside paid to broadcast your brand
  • How are advertisers adjusting to changes in this space


Switchover between HUBS

Hub session F Hub F1: Choosing channels Retail Media: how brands can expand reach and results within the retail media landscape

  • What is retail media and how is it disrupting the advertising industry?
  • How retail media helps brands to create engaging customer experiences and power business growth
  • How is data and technology evolving the retail media industry?
  • How can we best collaborate as an industry to deliver more sustainable growth?


Hub F2: Pushing the practical of advertising MarTech best practices: what does personalisation mean for your business?

Panel discussion

  • Zooming out before zooming in: getting to know your customer first to create an authentic personalised experience
  • If tech is a tool, how are you thinking about MarTech as a strategy? What do you need to consider?
  • Creating harder-working insights through knowledge-driven activations in your campaigns


Switchover back to plenary


Panel discussion: The future of TV and its ongoing power to propel your brand

  • Why the power and importance of television for advertisers remain unrivalled
  • Updates on addressable TV and how brands can benefit from the latest developments
  • Content is king, but choice is queen: keeping consumers at the heart of your offering as way to win the golden age of TV


The Media360 challenge: rising stars edition

Want to know where to put your ad spend in 2023 and beyond? Hear mini-pitches from the industry’s hottest emerging talent, and up and coming channel pros, as they each seek to convince you that their medium is best!

Which medium has the brightest future?

6 speakers, 6 pitches, 4 minutes each and only ONE audience vote


Chair’s closing remarks & end of conference Day 2